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Iconic North American Rides

Blue Ridge Parkway- North Carolina and Virginia This mountain route must be on every biker’s to-do list. Starting in Virginia in the north and passing by battlefields of the Civil War, it winds its way through picturesque farmlands and forests. On the way south and to higher ground, and into the Great Smoky Mountains, The […]

The Hells Angels

Fingered as a criminal club, some belief The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to be involved in drug distribution and to have connections with the Mexican drug lords. The bikers ride, mostly, Harley-Davidsons. Founded just after the second world war, returning members of the armed forces looked for a hobby to relieve the adrenaline rush they […]

Black Bike Clubs of the USA

In 1959 Tobie Gene Livingston started a Harley-Davidson Club, the East Bay Dragons, in his hometown of Oakland. Soldiers returning from service in the Second World War needed something to get the adrenaline flowing and the Bike Club, with the rush of speed and the feel of the wind in their hair, gave them that. […]

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held was staged by the Jackpine Motorcycle Club and was attended by Indian motorcycle owners. The Rally has been held every year since except the Second World War years. The club still owns the track and the fields around the town and including the Hillclimb. The first event had only […]

The Sound of Silence in Bike Racing

MotoGP is known for adrenaline-pumping rhythm accompanied by the mighty roars of the engine. MotoE is replacing this roar with a silent whizz as bikes glade by. The dream of EBike was nearly destroyed in a devastating fire in March, but in early July it became a reality at Sachsenring, Germany. This was a landmark […]

Keeping Your Motorbike Running for Longer

A little bit of maintenance can go along way. Nothing helps as much in extending your bike’s good health as a little bit of regular maintenance to keep it running at optimal performance. Besides that, the feeling of empowerment and complete satisfaction of getting down and dirty next to your bike is priceless. Keep your […]

Motorcycle Relief Project

A golden thread often running through bike riding communities are the great hearts of these men and women. Charity runs, missions and more is no strange occurrence within the biking society. One of these significant initiatives instigated by bikers is the Motorcycle Relief Project. Not Just a Gang of Bikers The MRP is riding for […]

World Enduro Super Series Update

This coming weekend all eyes are set on Austria for the third round of the World Enduro Super Series being held at the mining town of Eisenberg. The famous Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble is presented for two days within the playground of the Erzberg mine. This mine offers the reputation of being the toughest […]

Maintaining Your Air Filter

Air filters are crucial on your dirt bike. It needs to keep sand, dirt, pebbles and any other foreign materials out of your engine. It protects the longevity of your bike and keeps it performing as it should. Your motorcycle needs a steady flow of air and mud cakes on your filter is not helping […]

Guide to Buying Your Dirt Bike Pants

Dirt bike tracks are not a smooth ride. Riders are tested in their skills and perseverance and bikes, and gear is pushed to the limit. Falling often with the need to get up quickly back into your place. Therefore, the durability of your equipment is of the utmost importance. The Importance of Proper Pants When […]

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