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Polishing a 2 Stroke Exhaust to look like new!

One of the main attractions of a two-stroke bike is that large exhaust chamber that always seems to have a bright shine, especially on new motorcycles. Over time, these can get dented, scratched and pick up dirt even when you wash the bike regularly and keep it clean. The only way to keep it looking […]

Installing a Foam Mousse Tube

There are so many things that make your dirt bike easier to maintain and allow you to get more out of it, no matter where you ride. One such addition would be the Mousse tube, which completely replaces your tube with a foam tube, which cannot get a puncher as there’s no air involved whatsoever. […]

Balancing your Dirt Bike Rims at Home

Servicing your rims, putting on new spokes or merely coming up with a new impressive design is done best by stripping the rim entirely. It gives you more space to work with, and you can see the status of all the items without having to struggle around the spokes. However, many avoid doing this as […]

Lacing your Rims

Whether you are changing the design of your wheels or you want to give it a decent clean, I can’t go wrong with taking everything apart and doing it right. It is the best way to see what items need to be replaced or what could become an issue in the future. Luckily, half of […]

Maintaining your Gear

Whether you ride off the road, on the road or both, your gear is one of the most expensive parts of your entire kit. Not only do these kits run well into the thousands, but you can’t take shortcuts either, which is really where the expensive part comes in. Since we spend so much on […]

Keeping your Dirt Bike Newer for Longer

While most focus on maintaining the mechanical parts of their dirt bikes, there’s a lot more to keep your bike looking and running new. Whether it’s the deep blue colors of a Yamaha, the bright orange of a KTM, the yellow of Suzuki or even your design. There’s something about the appearance of a dirt […]

Keeping Your Dirt Bike Looking New

Companies such as Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna and many others produce incredibly attractive off-road motorcycles that always come bright graphics and sticker kits that we fall in love with from the very second we see the bike. To some extent, we almost want to be careful with the bike and not get it scratched up […]

Is it Worth Insuring a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are a lot of fun and allow you to do so much more as there’s no traffic to spoil it, cops to get in trouble with or any road rules you need to follow. These high-performance machines are geared towards fun with knobby tires, a suspension good enough to jump with and an […]

Difference Between Mx and Enduro Bikes

Sure, you get some huge endure bikes, some offering over 1000cc while MX bikes tend to be for the track and usually limit at 450cc. While many think the 450 is the best, the pros tend to choose the 250s, 300s and 350s for their weekend toys while going hitting the track for some huge […]

Choosing the Right Bike Size

Most of us learn to ride motorbikes from a young age and continue to ride throughout our lives. Those who ride from a young age tend to buy bigger bikes, not only because they are fast, but they are comfortable as well. However, if you’re anything over 15 years old and just getting into motorbikes, […]

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