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Jorge Lorenzo Possibly Returning to MotoGP in 2021

The MotoGP Grid could have one of their formidable stars return for the 2021 Season. This follows after initial rumours suggested that Jorge Lorenzo would return to Ducati, under the condition that Andrea Dovizioso doesn’t resign with the factory team. Jorge Lorenzo confirmed on July 8th that he’s working with Ducati on a contingency plan […]

Fabio Quartararo Ready for 2020 MotoGP Championship

The 2020 MotoGP Championship arrives on July 19th, with organizers scheduling thirteen races into less than four months. This revised calendar begins in Spain, with all eyes moving towards a new driver that dominated the 2019 season. Fabio Quartararo knows he’ll be reviewed throughout all thirteen races, ensuring that his skillsets are strong enough to […]

Motorcycle Live 2020 Cancelled by Full Year

Unfortunate headlines struck motorcyclists that were intending to purchase tickets for the Motorcycle Live 2020 Expo. It was announced by organizers that their venue has been cancelled & won’t arrive again until 2021. Announcers remarked safety concerns with the novel coronavirus, worrying that an outbreak won’t unfold amongst guests. Since governments worldwide have reopened their […]

Thirteen Races in 2020 MotoGP Season

Supporters behind MotoGP were thrilled when Dorna Sports confirmed that 2020 would have thirteen official Grand Prix’s. That number was expected to be considerably smaller amid the rumours from inside sources, which indicated that the COVID-19 Pandemic had forced numerous options to become unavailable for Dorna Sports. Formula One was to maintain pivotal delegations with […]

2021 Kawasaki KLX Off-Road Line Unveiled

The novel coronavirus hasn’t stopped motorcycle manufacturers from unveiling their latest models. Recovering from the financial downfall associated with this pandemic is prompting these manufacturers to reveal new motorcycles earlier than anticipated, hoping to earn higher profits for the 2021 fiscal year. The latest manufacturer to release to the upcoming line of “Off-Road Motorcycles” is […]

TVS Motors Expanding the Norton Motorcycles Workforce

Norton Motorcycles have experienced fluctuations in their business operations since COVID-19 infected nations worldwide, including the United Kingdom. It ignited a multitude of financial issues for the motorcycle manufacturer, nearly crippling their operations. Norton would inevitably file for bankruptcy in February 2020 after having an influx of unpaid discrepancies. This included the dispersing of Pension […]

Harley Davidson Donates LiveWire Motorcycle for COVID-19 Relief

The coronavirus pandemic has forced alterations onto the daily lifestyles of civilians, local businesses, and massive corporations. Most are doing their part to limit the epidemic by social distancing & donating to research or relief funds. This extends towards significant corporations like Harley-Davidson, who announced that they’d be auctioning off a LiveWire Electric Motorcycle. It’s […]

The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club of Florence

Harley Davidson Road Glides have been seen throughout the streets of Florence, the thunderous sounds of their engines echoing throughout the canals and ageing churches. These motorcycles have taken reign over the locked-down city during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their leader supporting Italian families in need with essential items. These motorcyclists have implemented these measures […]

Two Grand Prix’s Confirmed for MotoGP

Dorna Sports stands as the title operators behind MotoGP, the worlds most famous motorcycle racing league. They’ve struggled to maintain their 2020 Season after the COVID-19 pandemic had worldwide implications. That’s starting to change with the announcement that Spain will hold the initial starting rounds for the revised 2020 Season, which won’t become official under […]

MotoGP Cancels Three Additional Races

Three additional Grand Prix’s have been cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic for MotoGP. Those locations include the Finnish, German, and Dutch Circuits. These venues were selected for cancellation after organizers revised the 2020 Season for MotoGP. These alterations to scheduled races follow after the novel coronavirus prompted organizers to terminate seasonal activities until August 1st. […]

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