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KTM Super Adventure Series Leaked for 2021

Informative sources are provided pre-emptive notice when products are releasing for the upcoming quarter. It enables reviewers employed by news outlets to assess that vehicle & accurately inform readers of the best or worst qualities surrounding that motorcycle. There are instances where outlets accidently release their reviews prior to that corporate entity announcing their latest […]

Jorge Lorenzo, a Finalist on Spain’s Masked Singer

The Spanish version of “The Masked Singer” is nearing the end of its final season, with its 4th last competitor having been voted off the show. Whenever someone is voted off the Masked Singer, they meant to reveal themselves to the audience. This week’s episode saw Jorge Lorenzo from MotoGP take off the mask, revealing […]

Harley-Davidson Confirm the 1250cc Pan America

The Pan American 1250cc Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson has been detailed, with information released providing users an official release month. This cycle will release in the United States & Canada in February 2021, marking the end of continued delays that plagued this motorcycles release. It’s been three years since Harley-Davidson first announced the Pan American 1250cc, […]

UK Motorcycling Venues Financially Saved by Parliament

Monetary bailouts have been provided to numerous industries by the UK Parliament, including motorcycling venues in Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson’s government approved £6 Million in financial loans to affected raceways in the United Kingdom. Monetary bailouts are meant to sustain these circuits during the winter & guarantee that lost earnings can be […]

BSA Motorcycles Relaunches in Great Britain

“Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited” is a historic brand in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1861. Multiple products have been developed by BSA since it’s inception, creating firearms for World War One & Two. BSA Company Limited manufactured motorcycles, busses, cars, and military vehicles for decades. Birmingham’s prominence throughout Great Britain & Northern […]

Jawa Moto Sold Fifty Thousand Units in India During 2020

November 2020 had investors with Jawa Motorcycles thrilled at incredible growth. The “Classic Legends Lineup” had been exported from Czechoslovakia to India, Jawa Motorcycles primary market. Indian’s adopted Jawa into their mainstream vehicles since 1973, with popularity dwindling from 2000 to 2018. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted investors & executives with Jawa Motorcycles to anticipate lower […]

Polaris Q3 Profits Rise by 10%

Fiscal earnings for numerous companies have altered drastically during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Almost all corporations worldwide saw profits drop drastically when the epidemic became an international debacle. However, most would see margins enter positive percentages before Q3. One corporation that experiences this same fiscal year is Polaris, which confirmed that profit margins have begun increasing […]

BMW Motorcycles Unveil the R18 Classic

Europeans & Americans that enjoy the tourer motorcycles have a returning model to consider for 2021. The R18 Classic has been announced by BMW, marking the largest tourer motorcycles developed by the German Automotive Manufacturer. Those considering the BMW R18 Classic will receive a nostalgic touring motorcycle, which echoes similarities associated with touring cruisers from […]

2021 Lineup Announced by Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles pleased their customers & investors by announcing their lineup of two-wheeled vehicles for 2021. The Californian-established electric motorcycle manufacturer is providing consumers with a multitude of options, which focus on Off-Roading & Street riding. Two primary models are headlining the following options, making their 2021 lineup confusing for new customers entering the market. […]

The MotoBit Sentinel for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have wavered in their adoption of new technologies, believing that their vehicles don’t require enhancements. Few advancements have become supported by the community, with GPS Tracking being one of the few. The usage of diagnostic surveillance has caused older motorcyclists in the community to refuse to adopt new technologies. However, young riders have understood […]

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