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Touring Canada by Bike

For those who are going to cross the border into Canada, going through customs can be easy. These days using a car licence to get through is not enough, but your passport will suffice. Be careful of what you take with you; firearms are out. You will be asked the standard questions, such as where […]

Motorbikes from Russia and Europe

The motorcycle brand most famous across the European continent is the Ural, which was made in Russia in the latter half of the 1920s. Nearly 11 million have been manufactured. The first Soviet bike to be exported to the Netherlands and the British Isles was the Planeta Sport, which has proved to be a winner. […]

Riding Australia

Australia is, geographically, one of the biggest countries in the world, just behind the USA and Canada, but with a tiny population of twenty-five million. Anyone wishing to ride Australia must be aware of the cast distances between towns. Closer to the coast, where most people live, the lengths are not as high. A traveller […]

The World’s Best Motorbike Riders

No. 1 Giacomo Agostini Giacomo Agostini was born in Italy in 1942 and is one of the greatest motorcycle riders ever to hit the track. His records include eight wins at the 500cc world Championships and sixty-eight other Grand Prix races. His first claim to fame was when he won the National Motorcycle championships in […]

Bike Rides in South Africa Part 2

Beware of dirt roads when on a motorbike. It’s almost the same as riding on ice! Be sure that your bike is suitable for riding South African gravel road conditions. If setting off from Cape Town it will be plain sailing along the tarred N2, up Sir Lowry’s Pass (enjoy the twists), and up to […]

Scenic Motorbike Rides of Europe

Wild Atlantic Ways, Northern Ireland Start your journey at the Inishowen Peninsular in the northernmost part of Ireland and ride down the Celtic Coast, past the Donegal Coast and on to view the limestone wonders near to Burren. This trip showcases some of the best scenery on the Irish Atlantic coast, with many historical places […]

Motorbike Rides Africa

There are many places to explore in Africa, but don’t expect the roads to be anything like the roads you will find in 1st world countries. Be very careful and research what bikes are needed for the area you intend to explore. Also, make sure that the bike you choose is reliable and spares are […]

Iconic North American Rides

Blue Ridge Parkway- North Carolina and Virginia This mountain route must be on every biker’s to-do list. Starting in Virginia in the north and passing by battlefields of the Civil War, it winds its way through picturesque farmlands and forests. On the way south and to higher ground, and into the Great Smoky Mountains, The […]

The Hells Angels

Fingered as a criminal club, some belief The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to be involved in drug distribution and to have connections with the Mexican drug lords. The bikers ride, mostly, Harley-Davidsons. Founded just after the second world war, returning members of the armed forces looked for a hobby to relieve the adrenaline rush they […]

Black Bike Clubs of the USA

In 1959 Tobie Gene Livingston started a Harley-Davidson Club, the East Bay Dragons, in his hometown of Oakland. Soldiers returning from service in the Second World War needed something to get the adrenaline flowing and the Bike Club, with the rush of speed and the feel of the wind in their hair, gave them that. […]

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