Black Female Biker Club in South Africa

Biker clubs are all over the world and has been around for many decades. Even though it’s been dominated by men, there’s no reason women can’t take to the roads on two wheels, especially not when it for a good cause.

With the apartheid now behind the country, it was only a matter of time before black bikers would take to the streets and also enjoy the roads as many other clubs have been. Today, the biking community doesn’t just feature a large variety of mixed cultures, but now it even includes a few women clubs.

One of the biggest has over 400 riders that have made their way across the country a couple of time. Not only do they do it for the open road and wind in their hair, but also for good social causes.

The Bikes they Ride

Most would be impressed to find out that these women ride all types of bikes, including anything from the classical Harley Davidson bikes through to incredibly fast sports bikes such as the Kawasaki 1400 and even a few Ducati models.

The club is inviting of new riders who usually begin on smaller bikes. However, it doesn’t take long for the women to work their way up and enjoy the power of 600cc and bigger options.

To most male clubs in South Africa, it’s rather strange to see women handle the amount of power these bikes have to offer, but they are all left speechless when some of the ladies begin to perform tricks!

What They Bring to the Biker Club World

Some of the riders comment that the introduction of women in motorcycle has softened the rough “biker gang” status, making it more enjoyable for everyone and making it less threatening. Besides, a bike you club is not all about violence, but rather the ability to enjoy the roads with your friends.

They also say that the bike it turned has allowed them to become a stronger family who share the same amount of love (if not more) than male biker clubs. They also follow various charitable causes and make excellent progress when it comes to support.

As mentioned above, the women in the club have taken the time to travel throughout Southern Africa, making the new biking style known while also allowing women throughout the country to see that biker clubs aren’t just for the men.

Getting Along with the Male Clubs

It is important to remember that this is not a biker gang but rather a group of women who made their way into the biking world. Therefore, it’s not about dominating and violence, but rather to ride for the good causes and enjoy what these motorcycles are capable of.

The client gets along well with just about any male club as they get together regularly and enjoy gathering together. Of course, many of the women riders have husbands in the male clubs, turning the whole motorcycle environment into one big South African family.

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