Black Bike Week Showcases Pricey Motorcycles

Black Bike week is the highlight of the year for fans and motorcycles alike and it was held for many years at Myrtle Beach. Some problems arose in the past years and this major event now takes place at Atlantic Beach, this is why some referred to it as the Atlantic Beach Bike Festival but it is still one of the biggest rallies and its official name remains Black Bike Week.

Thousands of motorcycle fans attend this rally since it offers a week of racing, partying, relaxing and it is the one time you get to see all the most expensive bobbers, cruisers, baggers and sports bikes in one place.

Most Expensive, Flashy Motorcycles Available

If you are a motorcycle fan you already know that the baggers, cruisers, bobbers and sports bikes are the most expensive and during the week of the Black Bike fest you can feast your eyes on these from early morning at breakfast till late at night. Hundreds of expensive motorcycles zoom and rumble through the area and of those customized, the most powerful and sports bikes are the most pricey. A sales specialist, John Gentile from Redline Powersport agreed to give some insight into these powerful machines.

Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are built for acceleration and high speeds, these have high-performance engines and are lightweight. Sports bikes’ foot pegs are higher when you compare it to that of other motorcycles and longer reach is offered by their handlebars, which is a great benefit when you ride in the wind at high speeds.


These are the heavy motorcycles they big and have saddlebags made out of fibreglass. Many motorcyclists that first rode sports bikes have switched to baggers since they are more like a Harley type of motorcycle. What also makes baggers popular are their big wheels, they are the giants of motorcycles and is loved for their shiny front wheels.


Cruiser is easily identifiable by their high handlebars and low riding positions, their forward foot pegs and riders enjoy to lead back. Set up to be fast, they are low torque.


Bobbers are the custom-made type of motorcycles, in general, modified via the removing of excess bodyworks, which is done to reduce the overall weight of the bike. Once all the parts that are unnecessary are removed, the motorcycle has the desired minimalistic appearance.

Prices of the Motorcycles seen at Black Bike Week

The average price of the motorcycles attending the Bike fest can be estimated at $24,000, but then again not all of the bikes are as pricey, while others are in the lower thousands. But there are a lot of riders who want to splurge and these end up spending thousands on customization as well as parts. It is at the Black Bike week where you most likely to see bikes on which the guys spend 50, 60 or more grand on a motorcycle they actually paid 24 grand for, once they satisfied with the bikes performance and the look it could be upwards from $150,000.

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