Best Gloves for Different Riding Styles

There are so many styles of riding motorbikes, ranging from off-road through to racing on a track. While many think riding gloves are similar in many ways, they are some significant differences that apply to protection with each riding style.

Below, we look at some of the most popular riding styles and see how the gloves differ. Of course, these don’t just apply to give you comfort and girl on the bars, but also need to protect when things go wrong.

Palm Gloves

Gloves that only protect your palm make it easy to use your fingers to pick up things and have the full use of your hands while wearing the gloves. However, you’ll need to think carefully about these gloves as they don’t provide much protection. Therefore, they aren’t recommended for just about any type of riding. However, those who enjoy cruisers tend to prefer these as they help keep calm and you still have the full functionality of your hands.

Motocross Gloves

Motocross gloves offer some of the most protection as they include padding on your palms, knuckles and the outside of your fingers. They have been specially designed to provide the best protection against rocks, and uneven environments were dirt bike riders tend to go. There’s even an additional option that includes an insert for your palm, which provides even more protection and avoids blisters.

While these are great for off the road, they aren’t recommended for on-road use. The cloves aren’t made to protect against high-speed falls and would wear through quickly, and they don’t stop your jacket from sliding up your arm.

Gauntlet Gloves

Gauntlet gloves are the best for road riders as they offer extreme protection for your hands with coverage on knuckles and even additional leather protection on the palm. They also provide a longer tail, running up about halfway up your forearm, allowing you to protect your wrist and also stop your jacket from sliding up should you fall. These can be used for off-road as well, but since they are thicker, you’ll end up getting hot through the slow technical sections.

Racing Gloves

When you look at gloves in MotoGP or even just racing gloves in general, you’ll find they usually come with a steep price tag, also though it seems as if they offer the same protection as cheaper gloves. However, there are loads of differences with these gloves as they need to protect your hands against the worst possible conditions.

Therefore, race gloves tend to include much higher quality materials and have gone through years of engineering to ensure ultimate protection. Most think these gloves are to stop your fall from wearing through the gloves, but they also there to prevent your hands from being pulled apart while you’re sliding down the track. Furthermore, they usually offer high-quality carbon fibre knuckle protection and palm coverage.

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