Best All-Round Adventure Bikes

The adventure bikes range has become extremely popular over the last few years. The BMW GS series might have been the most popular of the lot, but now just about all manufacturers are creating the ultimate adventure opportunity of their own. Not only are the big engine 1200s available, but some even cater to newer riders with everything from a 300cc, including BMW.

Today, we’re not looking at a specific engine size or price tag, but rather some of the best adventure bikes out there. Each of them has their own advantages, have become extremely well-known with sports or simply reputation and they all have what it takes to put a smile on your face as you discover new roads or even create some of your own.

On the list today, we take a look at the Triumph Tiger 800 XRt, the BMW 1200GS, the KTM 1050 Adventure and of course, the Honda African Twin. There’s no doubt that each of these bikes are leaders in the adventure category, so much so that most state that it comes down to preference.

Power and Engines

When we look at the power and price of these bikes, it’s very much so. The BMW is the most expensive, but it also offers the most power with 125bhp. The other 3 bikes actually make the same amount of power (94bhp) and offer small differences in price, but they are all a couple of thousand less that the mighty BM.

It’s understandable that the BMW comes with more power and a higher price as the bike has at least 150cc more than any of the others on the list. It would have been great to compare a 1,000cc BMW to the others, but when it comes to adventure bikes, BMW goes from the popular 800cc straight to the 1200GS.

The Honda features a parallel twin 4-stroke 998cc power plant while the Triumph keeps with an 800cc 4-stroke inline triple engine. The KTM is the second biggest of the bunch, offering an odd 1050cc engine that’s liquid cooled like the others and comes with a v-twin 4-stroke engine.

How they Perform

Most who have been waiting for the Honda’s arrival expected the bike to be somewhat bland and not nearly as good as the competition, but as with most of their new arrivals, the manufacturer delivers an excellent bike that’s quick on the throttle and offers an amazing ride all-round. Even the exhaust isn’t what you’d expect from Honda as it delivers a roar right through the rpms, giving that real adventure bike touch.

The BMW is the perfect companion for those who like it stick to the road a little more while still having all the benefits of an off-road bike. It’s simply better equipped and great choice, even with the additional weight.

The Tiger also has many of the same gadgets as the BMW, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same quality and finish as the BMW. Sure, the BMW is getting a little older and its certainly time for an all-new model, but there’s no denying that it really works well. It’s not a major off-road bike either as it just doesn’t do as well as the BMW or the Honda.

The KTM was rather disappointing as it just didn’t deliver the same features and excellent ride-ability. Sure, it’s the direct rival for the Africa Twin, but it just doesn’t seem to be completed and the ride-ability and comfort just doesn’t stack up with any of the others.

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