Autonomous Vehicles in the New Decade

The last decade has passed, and new questions are arising for the next ten years. The most crucial subject regarding this upcoming decade is autonomous driving, meaning that worldwide citizens won’t be required to have personalized skills when operating a motorized vehicle. Technological advancements will enable consumers to use smartphones to book ride-programs, which won’t have any assisted drivers. One of the leading companies focusing on the development of this technology is Mavericks Electric Vehicles, who introduced an electric motorcycle that features three-wheels. It’s named the TOI and is assisted with the second level of autonomous driving that is reviewed by human supervision at various offices located worldwide. It’s been one of the most mentioned products for the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show.

Customers that use this service will notice that the vehicle has multiple features. This includes Steering and Controlled Vehicle Braking via the adaptive cruise control system. Vehicle features extend to the Automatic Parking and Pre-Collision System, which is engaged whenever the vehicle is operating, with 360-Degree Monitors for assistance. Those monitors include Radar, Sensors and Cameras. Another unique aspect of the TOI Electric Motorcycle is that the front-wheel maintains dual types for better balances. These front-wheel tyres keep specialized sensors which control the balancing and inform guests when the vehicle is on an inclination. Subsequently, with proper control, this electric cycle can remain continuously balanced.

The Safety & Application

Maverick Electric Vehicles main concern is the safety of future consumers. That’s why the TOI Electric Motorcycle maintains SRS Airbags, Traction Control, Anti-Lock Braking Systems and Telescopic Balancing Systems. Combining these four safety features guarantees that consumers won’t be critically injured in the case of minor accidents. Unfortunately, testing ratings for substantial actions can lead to life-altering or ending situations. Maverick isn’t allowing for high-rates of speed with the TOI Electric, allowing for a maximum speed of 80km/h. The range for its battery will extend to 200km, with smart charging capabilities enabled.

Those interested in purchasing the TIO Electric Motorcycle or using it for a ride-sharing program can download its respective application from Maverick. It should be noted that these vehicles are located in specific metropolises in the European Union, such as Paris or Amsterdam. Maverick Electric Vehicles haven’t provided any details regarding the potential release in North America. Considering that Uber and Lyft hold priority market share in North America, it’s best to focus on European Nations. Their mobile application is downloadable via the Google Play Store or Apple Marketplace.

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