Atlantic Beach Bikefest 2018 Recap: The Good and the Bad

This year the Atlantic Beach Bikefest, also known as Black Bike Week took place between May 25th and May 28th. Just like the years in the past, this year bikefest was a complete hit filled with iconic bikes, looks, and an overall atmosphere filled with pride of owning bikes in the African-American community. Other than apricating bikes, this festival features music, ample chances to social, along with just enjoying the beach.

A few of the main events that have attracted so many bike riders and non-riders are the intense and enjoyable motorcycle races, concerts, street festivals to buy custom created items, and the lively parties. Due to the excitement and the pride associated with it – this festival has been known to have attendees of over 375,000 on a yearly basis. It’s typically held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina though on a rare occasion, and it has been held in different locations.

The Good

The 2018 Black Bike Week was filled with bikers of all genders and ages – even ranging from children who were riding happily with family members. The bikes that were rode were personally customised, iconic, and simply eye-catching. This year, many of the bikes were personally customised to match the rider’s personal aesthetic or customisations that were featured in a biking group. From Kawasaki sports bikes to custom Suzuki’s, Black Bike Week had it all – along with the existing bike races that took part during the day and nighttime. Other than the bikes featured this year, the food served at the array of food vans were one of the major hits of the festival – especially considering the food was homemade, freshly cooked, and was filled with diverse food choices.

Other than the food and races, Black Bike Week has always been known for the upbeat parties which are hosted during all times of the festival. This year’s parties were even more impressive and lively. From the neon outfits and to the hip music – there wasn’t a moment where an attendee wasn’t having the time of their lives. One of the best parties this year was hosted on the beach, and no one held back with the fun.

The Bad

Despite all of the fun and the excitement that was shown during this year’s bike festival – some bad unfortunately did occur. For starters, two deaths occurred during the first few hours of the festival, although they were unrelated – attendees still held a public mourn session for the lives lost. Moreover, many of the attendees claimed to be upset at the treatment they received during the festivals. Many of the regulates to the festival stated that due to the new traffic policing during the days of the festivals, many of the bikers did not feel conformable at how traffic officers treated them.

Furthermore, Black Bike Week, a predominately black festival, has been compared to Harley Week, which is a predominately white festival. It has been noted that certain changes made the attendees uncomfortable such as the barricades that are never installed during Harley Week, along with the argument of increased traffic policing. Despite the issues that occurred during this year’s Black Bike Week, the good outweighed the bad. Next year this festival is still scheduled to happen as usual, and bikers and festival goers are planning next years activities and events – already having a whopping thirty plus events already scheduled.

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