AER Postponed Until January 2022

The 2021 African Eco Race has been cancelled. Organizers made the official announcement that the 13th iteration of this event is being postponed an additional year. It’ll mark AERs first instance of being delayed for two consecutive years, with the race beginning in Monaco & ending in Senegal. Organizers clarified that Covid-19 contains to run rampant worldwide, cause outbreaks & deaths. It’s been subsequently determined that sustaining the 2021 African Eco Race isn’t possible. The event is expected to return by January 2022.

Fanatics that’ve supported the African Eco Race were disappointed by this announcement. Organizers mentioned it wasn’t their intention to sadden the community of drivers & team personnel, that they’ll do everything possible for 2022s African Eco Race to become a reality. Promises were made that whenever AER returns, it’ll be the best event witnessed in the tournament’s history.

The African Eco Race standardly has participants depart via boat from Monaco & sail for Morocco, where the series begins on January 4th for the 2020 Campaign. Participants are meant to drive high-paced vehicles for 6,500 Kilometers. Notable destinations are witnessed throughout this drive & few stops are supported. African riders consider AEW the most challenging event of the last thirteen years. The race begins on January 4th, 2020 & will end on January 16th in Las Rose, Senegal.

We Won’t Let Down the Fans.

Organizers don’t have intentions of letting down their loyal attendees, racers, and team personnel that support the African Eco Race. Promises have been issued that this one-week rally will sustain five stages, which is higher than any previous year. Organizers are working diligently towards acquiring government approval to begin official planning. This means that critical information regarding the 2022 Event is limited. The African Eco Race is likely to provide updated information on the upcoming festivities by mid-2021.

Head Organizer Jean Louis Schlesser demanded that this information be released before the holiday season began this year. It’d provide loyal supporters, racers, and team personnel ample time to avoid sadness associated with losing another year at the African Eco Race. For readers learning about AER for the first time, previous races are available online for viewing purposes.

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