2021 Lineup Announced by Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles pleased their customers & investors by announcing their lineup of two-wheeled vehicles for 2021. The Californian-established electric motorcycle manufacturer is providing consumers with a multitude of options, which focus on Off-Roading & Street riding. Two primary models are headlining the following options, making their 2021 lineup confusing for new customers entering the market. Those two models include the Zero SR/S & the Zero SR/F.

Multiple renovations in the electrical performance of the Zero Motorcycles have been implemented for 2021. The Zero SR/S & Zero SR/F have new downforce platforms, enabling the fastest speeds this manufacturer has seen since launching operations in 2017. Both models maintain 82KW Motors, allowing for speeds reaching 200km/h. This is possible through the “Zero Cypher III Operating System”, their latest electrical-output system for motorcycling.

September 27th marked the date when Zero Motorcycles released the SR/S. However, the Off-Roading SR/S wouldn’t be released until October 13th. The Zero SR/F didn’t arrive for consumer purchase until October 13th either. The odd date selection was chosen because both models maintain aerodynamic advantages 13% higher than 2020s models.

With the October 13th announcement came the revelation of two specialized packages are being offered to consumers in their purchase. This includes the Zero DRS Upgrade & Black Forest Package. Both increase the respective costs associated with the SR/S and SR/F by thousands. However, the riding capabilities received in-return are greater than ever expected.

  • The Zero DRS Upgrade: Consumers selecting the DRS Upgrade for their Zero SR/S & Zero SR/F will increase their cost-range to $11,000.00. What’s given in-return is a 14.4-kWh battery pack. This enables greater ranges at maximum speeds of 359km an hour. This is considerably faster than the standard models speed-range of 200km/h. Selecting this package adds $11,000.00 to the asking price of both models.
  • Black Forest Package Upgrade: Motorcyclists requiring an Off-Roading experience with their Zero SR/S or Zero SR/F are best suited for the Black Forest Package Upgrade. It’s manufactured identically to the DRS Upgrade, with additional enhancements surrounding ADV Riding. This creates better shock momentum when Off-Roading in rural areas. However, the extra cost to standard asking prices is extensive at $19,000.00.
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