2021 Kawasaki KLX Off-Road Line Unveiled

The novel coronavirus hasn’t stopped motorcycle manufacturers from unveiling their latest models. Recovering from the financial downfall associated with this pandemic is prompting these manufacturers to reveal new motorcycles earlier than anticipated, hoping to earn higher profits for the 2021 fiscal year. The latest manufacturer to release to the upcoming line of “Off-Road Motorcycles” is Kawasaki, with significant improvements being issued to this annually updated product line.

June 1st marked the date that Kawasaki confirmed four new models for the 2020-21 Season, with all four being released for July of this year. Details regarding the internal specifications of these updates’ models weren’t released in this teaser announcement, with Kawasaki confirming that additional information will be provided by June 15th. It doesn’t matter that minimal details were provided, with dedicated fans of this brand still obtaining their first look at the Kawasaki KLX Product Line.

The most notable alteration to the 2021 KLX Product Line is their naming convention system. Complex names were previously implemented with these motorcycles, making it a challenge when purchasing at local retailers. That won’t happen again with each model being separated by the difference of one letter. Consumers considering the 2021 KLX Product Line can purchase the KLX233R, KLX233L, and KLX233G. Depending on the model selected, associated prices can increase.

Those wondering how much has changed with this updated product line shouldn’t be concerned. Notable features from 2020 return into the 2021 series, including the 233cc Thumper Engine. Updates specifications with the Kawasaki KLX Product Line is its Six-Speed Transmission. 18” Wheels bolster that with ABS Breaks & an Electric Ignition. It should be mentioned though that the KLX Product Line supports a 140cc Engine Model, which is currently available for purchase. The 233cc Engine Model won’t be released until July 2020.

Price Tag

Costs with the Kawasaki KLX 2021 Product Line vary. Obtaining the baseline model will require a payment of $3,149.00 & allow riders to drive away with the 2021 Kawasaki KLX233R. Inquiring the Sister Model KLX233L will require an additional three hundred at $3,449.99 with taxes. The premium model under this product line isn’t costly, with the Kawasaki KLX233G maintaining a price tag of $4,399.00.

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