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Maintaining Your Air Filter

Air filters are crucial on your dirt bike. It needs to keep sand, dirt, pebbles and any other foreign materials out of your engine. It protects the longevity of your bike and keeps it performing as it should. Your motorcycle needs a steady flow of air and mud cakes on your filter is not helping […]

Guide to Buying Your Dirt Bike Pants

Dirt bike tracks are not a smooth ride. Riders are tested in their skills and perseverance and bikes, and gear is pushed to the limit. Falling often with the need to get up quickly back into your place. Therefore, the durability of your equipment is of the utmost importance. The Importance of Proper Pants When […]

Best Gloves for Different Riding Styles

There are so many styles of riding motorbikes, ranging from off-road through to racing on a track. While many think riding gloves are similar in many ways, they are some significant differences that apply to protection with each riding style. Below, we look at some of the most popular riding styles and see how the […]

Applying a New Sticker Kit to your Bike

Sticker kits on a bike can be quite tricky as the panels on not all straight and include some confusing terms and bends that can make it hard to get the graphics on without having to cut it or sit with a load of bubbles to get the best effect. Luckily, there are a few […]

Dirt Bike Clutch Issues

If you’re an enduro rider who tends to take on the most demanding trails, you’ll be using your clutch a lot more than usual, especially those who use two-stroke bikes. It merely helps you keep the RPMs up and gives you that boost of power to get the front wheel up to get over a […]

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