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Metal Epoxy is a Must for your Enduro Kit

Metal epoxies have become popular in just about all trades and small jobs at home. You can’t always weld or brace something that might have paint around it or consists of a metal you don’t have the right welding equipment for. Then there are those situations where you just aren’t close to a welder, which […]

Polishing a 2 Stroke Exhaust to look like new!

One of the main attractions of a two-stroke bike is that large exhaust chamber that always seems to have a bright shine, especially on new motorcycles. Over time, these can get dented, scratched and pick up dirt even when you wash the bike regularly and keep it clean. The only way to keep it looking […]

Installing a Foam Mousse Tube

There are so many things that make your dirt bike easier to maintain and allow you to get more out of it, no matter where you ride. One such addition would be the Mousse tube, which completely replaces your tube with a foam tube, which cannot get a puncher as there’s no air involved whatsoever. […]

Balancing your Dirt Bike Rims at Home

Servicing your rims, putting on new spokes or merely coming up with a new impressive design is done best by stripping the rim entirely. It gives you more space to work with, and you can see the status of all the items without having to struggle around the spokes. However, many avoid doing this as […]

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