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Deciding Between 2 and 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

 It almost doesn’t matter what you search for dirt bike related, the argument involving 2 and four strokes is always involved, and no one can give you a straight answer as to which is better. You get the two stroke fans who love the power and sound of the bike, and on the other hand, […]

2019 MotoGP Predictions and Changes

The new year has basically just arrived, and every petrol head is already talking about the biggest sports and what might happen, including MotoGP. There is a lot of changes to the teams, and the bikes are also changing a bit, making the talks even bigger as we might see a mix up of events […]

Modern Single Cylinder Engine vs. Push Rod Engine

Push Rod engines to use technology that’s old and just don’t need to be as efficient as modern engines that have completely gotten rid of the pushrods and have the cam directly above the valves instead. However, both these engines are still being used to this day. The majority of motorbikes use the modern engine […]

Doing Basic Carburettor Checks if your Bike Doesn’t Start

Having an engine that just refuses to start can be one of the most annoying things of them all. It seems so simple as you only need fuel and spark, but it can be a little more complicated. Luckily, the other checks are easy and once they’re all sorted, it can only be the carb […]

Learning How to Wheelie

One of the most desired tricks for any beginner is learning how to pick up the front wheel and controlling the power for as long as possible. We have all seen the funny videos of people trying to learn the art of a wheelie only to find themselves falling off the bike or completely flipping […]

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