2019 MotoGP Predictions and Changes

The new year has basically just arrived, and every petrol head is already talking about the biggest sports and what might happen, including MotoGP. There is a lot of changes to the teams, and the bikes are also changing a bit, making the talks even bigger as we might see a mix up of events as they race around the biggest international circuits.

Interestingly, many aren’t looking at the front racers for the biggest changes, but rather in the mid-field as we could see some new opportunities. Sure, the winner of MotoGP is important, but we also see major fights for the other titles, including top rookie, best improvements and more.

When it comes to the actual title, it’s almost impossible to look past Marquez. In fact, most aren’t even wondering about if he would win, but rather wonder by how much. This is already a bold statement seeing as the season hasn’t even started, but there’s no denying that the RC213V Honda will be improved on its already amazing performance in 2018.

MotoGP Bike Changes

Sure, each team finds new ways to improve their bikes and focus on unique sections. For example, the HRC team once again focuses on top speed runs but redesigning the front of the bike, but we also see some new standards enter the race.

One of the biggest changes applies to the IMU device of the bikes, which is used to communicate with the ECU. This device tells the computer and team what the current leaning angle of the bike it, which is important for changes.

The IMU will now be a standard device across all the teams, meaning fine tuning won’t be an option anymore. This has brought changes to bring the field closer together and make it more exciting as everyone would be able to keep up more. We know, it’s not like MotoGP isn’t already a close sport, but why not make it more competitive, right?

New Racers

With loads of changes and interesting predictions, we also see some new racers joins the field who have already shown some amazing results. There are currently four teams getting new racers for the season ahead, each determined to lead. As we all know, MotoGP is on a whole new level, but if history is any indication, it’s well worth reading up on what they’re capable of before rushing off to place your bets.

We’ll get to see what these new rookies can do soon enough, especially since the first test is just around the corner. The first new face in MotoGP is Miguel Oliveira who is making his way to the Tech 3 Racing KTM. There’s also Francesco Bagnaia who forms part of the Alma Pramac Racing team. We also get to meet Fabio Quartararo who is ready to join the field with the Petronas Yamaha team. Finally, we also see a new face with the Team Suzuki Ecstar team, named Joan Mir.

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