KTM Super Adventure Series Leaked for 2021

Informative sources are provided pre-emptive notice when products are releasing for the upcoming quarter. It enables reviewers employed by news outlets to assess that vehicle & accurately inform readers of the best or worst qualities surrounding that motorcycle. There are instances where outlets accidently release their reviews prior to that corporate entity announcing their latest model. That’s been witnessed again with KTMs Super Adventure Series. An accidental publication saw the following motorcycles announced:

  • The KTM Super Adventure 1290-R.
  • The KTM Super Adventure 1290-S.

After learning an approved outlet accidentally released their publication early, pages were removed to guarantee the information didn’t spread. Removal wasn’t fast enough & allowed multiple sources to report about the upcoming models. Details regarding internal specifications, external aesthetics, and employed materials have been provided through the leaked publication.

Aesthetic designs implemented into these latest motorcycles from KTM include a protruding exhaust system, which was forced following the emission standards implemented by the European Union. Additionally, changes cleared for the aesthetics include updated headlamps, two catalytic converters, and twin radiators. It allows these models to appear fiercer & stronger than their 2020 counterparts. Other aesthetic changes that also benefit internal combustion, speed, and handling include:

  • Pankl Transmission Gearboxes.
  • Trellis Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Frame.
  • Steering Head at 0.6-Inches & Swingarm at 0.6-Inches longer.

Internal components that’ll assist riders with a multitude of riding benefits. Details regarding which models are receiving certain components hasn’t been issued. Certain reports indicate it’ll by the KTM Super Adventure 1290-R that sustains cruise control, with the S-Model permitting manual control. Under the pretense that one model support manual riding, KTM has provided Brembo brakes & Brembo suspension into both motorcycles. This supports enhanced driving capabilities while cornering. An official announcement hasn’t been given by KTM, but it’s expected that these motorcycles will release before Spring 2021 to European & American clientele.

Jorge Lorenzo, a Finalist on Spain’s Masked Singer

The Spanish version of “The Masked Singer” is nearing the end of its final season, with its 4th last competitor having been voted off the show. Whenever someone is voted off the Masked Singer, they meant to reveal themselves to the audience. This week’s episode saw Jorge Lorenzo from MotoGP take off the mask, revealing himself as the Raven. It shocked the judges & participating audience members. Jorge Lorenzo has acquired the MotoGP Championship on three occasions, proving himself an iconic rider that’s historically ranked with the best in MotoGP.

Lorenzo has competed for Honda, Ducati, and Yamaha before retiring from MotoGP. Last year marked Jorge’s final season in MotoGP. It was planned for Lorenzo to return alongside Yamaha as a test rider for 2020. However, those plans were made before Covid-19 became an international pandemic. Lorenzo wouldn’t be provided ample opportunity to sustain his position as Yamaha Test Driver, with four hours sustained before the partnership fell through behind closed doors.

Seeing Jorge Lorenzo reach the finale of Spain’s Masked Singer wasn’t anticipated. When questioned about his experience, the three-time champion of MotoGP expressed it was unforgettable & unique to previous competitions in his life. Similar to his career in MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo’s time in the Masked Singer was short-lived. Lorenzo sustained eleven seasons in MotoGP before retiring, which is considered low for competitors of his calibre. His career sustained nine years with Yamaha Racing, beginning in 2008 & ending by 2017. Lorenzo obtained placement with Ducati for the 2017/18 season. After acquiring only three podiums with Ducati over two campaigns, Jorge Lorenzo switched to Honda Racing for 2019.

Injury at Honda

That decision proved unfavourable for Lorenzo, who would experience an ill-fated injury & fail to obtain a top-ten placement throughout the 2019 season. After MotoGP ended their 2019 campaign, Jorge Lorenzo announced his retirement from professional racing. Thousands worldwide have rallied for the Spanish racer to return to racing. However, Jorge Lorenzo is unlikely to return permitting that Marc Marquez is still competing.

AER Postponed Until January 2022

The 2021 African Eco Race has been cancelled. Organizers made the official announcement that the 13th iteration of this event is being postponed an additional year. It’ll mark AERs first instance of being delayed for two consecutive years, with the race beginning in Monaco & ending in Senegal. Organizers clarified that Covid-19 contains to run rampant worldwide, cause outbreaks & deaths. It’s been subsequently determined that sustaining the 2021 African Eco Race isn’t possible. The event is expected to return by January 2022.

Fanatics that’ve supported the African Eco Race were disappointed by this announcement. Organizers mentioned it wasn’t their intention to sadden the community of drivers & team personnel, that they’ll do everything possible for 2022s African Eco Race to become a reality. Promises were made that whenever AER returns, it’ll be the best event witnessed in the tournament’s history.

The African Eco Race standardly has participants depart via boat from Monaco & sail for Morocco, where the series begins on January 4th for the 2020 Campaign. Participants are meant to drive high-paced vehicles for 6,500 Kilometers. Notable destinations are witnessed throughout this drive & few stops are supported. African riders consider AEW the most challenging event of the last thirteen years. The race begins on January 4th, 2020 & will end on January 16th in Las Rose, Senegal.

We Won’t Let Down the Fans.

Organizers don’t have intentions of letting down their loyal attendees, racers, and team personnel that support the African Eco Race. Promises have been issued that this one-week rally will sustain five stages, which is higher than any previous year. Organizers are working diligently towards acquiring government approval to begin official planning. This means that critical information regarding the 2022 Event is limited. The African Eco Race is likely to provide updated information on the upcoming festivities by mid-2021.

Head Organizer Jean Louis Schlesser demanded that this information be released before the holiday season began this year. It’d provide loyal supporters, racers, and team personnel ample time to avoid sadness associated with losing another year at the African Eco Race. For readers learning about AER for the first time, previous races are available online for viewing purposes.

Harley-Davidson Confirm the 1250cc Pan America

The Pan American 1250cc Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson has been detailed, with information released providing users an official release month. This cycle will release in the United States & Canada in February 2021, marking the end of continued delays that plagued this motorcycles release.

It’s been three years since Harley-Davidson first announced the Pan American 1250cc, with minor information regarding its manufacturing & design not being provided for years. That changed following the Covid-19 Pandemic, with HD Motorcycles working to renovate their brand & acquire customers across growing markets worldwide. Harley-Davidson has confirmed that an official trailer is releasing on January 19th, with the 1250cc Pan American arriving on February 22nd.

Consumers witness firsthand how this motorcycle looked & drove during the 2019 EICMA Expo. Harley-Davidson allowed the cycle to be showcased in it’s near-production form. Customers anticipated the vehicle would release weeks later. That wouldn’t be the case, with the Covid-19 Pandemic breaking out worldwide days after EICMA 2019 ended. Since then, information regarding the Harley-Davidson 1250cc Pan American has been minimal. That was until December 14th, with the corporate division of HD Motorcycles release new images of the Pan American in Europe. It confirms that Harley-Davidson received their Euro5 Legislation to release models across the European Union. This means an exponential level of growth is coming for this brand.

European Shockwave

Fans of Harley-Davidson were first introduced to the Pan American 1250cc in Summer 2018. It prompted multiple shockwaves throughout EICMA, then the entire industry. Nobody anticipated that HD Motorcycles would announce an updated & enhanced water-cooled engine with polarising capabilities. This prominent advancement in manufacturing has made this cycle desirable to consumers worldwide, with notable interest amongst European residents. It’s expected that Harley-Davidson’s 1250cc Pan American will outsell anticipated volumes in Europe, with the motorcycling market in the EU growing tenfold during Covid-19.

Marc Marquez Sidelined until June 2021

Information regarding the condition of Marc Marquez from MotoGP was provided on November 3rd. Details indicated that after completing his third operation, Marquez would require six months for recovery. Marquez announced that healing & recovery would be sustained in Madrid, the homeplace of MotoGP’s 6-Time Champion. Delays associated with recovery follows after doctors incorrectly performed the first surgery, prompting a second to follow.

The second surgery failed, with healthcare experts struggling to ascertain what’s required to recover Marc Marquez’s right arm. Thirty days of Marquez sustaining discussions with multiple doctors resulted in the determination that a third surgery is required. It’d take eight hours for completion, with healthcare experts on-scene clarifying that zero complications were sustained. Recovery won’t be challenging but lengthy, with Marquez slated to miss the season opener on March 28th. Timeframes given for healing suggests that Marc Marquez could miss almost half of 2021 MotoGP campaign.

Determination to resume racing hasn’t ever been more vital for Marc Marquez. That became evident after breaking his arm on July 19th. Marquez missed the entire 2020 MotoGP Campaign following the Spanish GP incident, with that race marking the first of this years. Learning Marquez will require almost half of next years campaign for healing is devastating for supporters & the driver himself. Marc Marquez hasn’t spoken with reporters after learning of the prolonged timeframe for recovery. It’s expected that Stefan Bradl will sustain his replacement seat for Marquez until the champ’s formal return in Mid-2021.

Third & Final Surgery

Marc Marquez challenged multiple healthcare experts to locate solutions that wouldn’t involve a third surgery. There wasn’t an individual worldwide capable of healing Marquez without extensive reformatting of his bone structure. It was learned that hip bone was taken from Marquez & grafted onto the right-arms humerus areas.

Doctors hope that the newly introduced bone structure will cover Marquez’s metal plating from previous surgeries. June 2020 will see Marquez evaluated & determined if the surgery was successful. Failure with a third surgery will likely mean the forced retirement of Marc Marquez, which would devastate the MotoGP Paddock & Community. All that’d be left is his younger brother to continue the family’s legacy, which would be impossible to sustain.

UK Motorcycling Venues Financially Saved by Parliament

Monetary bailouts have been provided to numerous industries by the UK Parliament, including motorcycling venues in Great Britain & Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson’s government approved £6 Million in financial loans to affected raceways in the United Kingdom. Monetary bailouts are meant to sustain these circuits during the winter & guarantee that lost earnings can be recuperated in the upcoming summer.

A larger bailout package benefited motorcycling raceways in Great Britain & Northern Ireland from Parliament. It was announced on November 25th at £300 Million would be awarded to professional sports institutions via the “Sports Winter Survival Package”. Funding for motorcycling raceways must be approved first through the application, with tracks like Silverstone & Goodwood guaranteed to receive a percentage of the £6 Million awarded.
When seasonal operations before for 2021, funding will be eliminated & whatever awarded finances remain must be returned to Parliament.

Monetary bailouts will substantially assist numerous raceways in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, who have faced continued losses amid the Covid-19 Pandemic. Spectators haven’t been permitted inside raceways since March 2020, eliminating 90% to 95% of a circuit’s annual profits. Even locations like Silverstone saw unexpected cancellations & profit losses, with the Silverstone MotoGP Race being cancelled for 2020.

The Managing Director of Silverstone spoke about the financial losses sustained during 2020. Stuart Pringle clarified that MotoGP cancelling their Silverstone Race was substantial, with spectators still permitted days before the lockdown began. Managing Director Pringle expressed that remaining venues were privately formatted, resulting in revenue dropping by 80% for Silverstone Circuit. Stuart Pringle thanked Parliament for approving £6 Million in bailouts to raceways across the United Kingdom. Details from Stuart Pringle also noted that support package details haven’t been given & don’t know the percentage of that £6 Million will be offered to Silverstone.

Negotiations Ensue

Great Britain’s Sports Minister discussed the £300 Million “Sports Winter Survival Package”. Nigel Huddleston explained that over four weeks, multiple discussions were held with Parliament. It’d take prolonged negotiations to assess what level of support is genuinely required. Sports Minister Huddleston confirmed that severe cost reductions with all sporting industries in Great Britain & Northern Ireland required the bailout value of £300 Million be approved. Funds are expected to distribute by December 2020.

BSA Motorcycles Relaunches in Great Britain

“Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited” is a historic brand in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1861. Multiple products have been developed by BSA since it’s inception, creating firearms for World War One & Two. BSA Company Limited manufactured motorcycles, busses, cars, and military vehicles for decades. Birmingham’s prominence throughout Great Britain & Northern Ireland allowed the corporation to define generations, while drastically assisting in the UKs industrial revolution.

BSA Company Limited is reviving “BSA Motorcycles”, with the brand declining throughout Great Britain after 100+ years in the 1970s. When Birmingham Small Arms Company had their motorcycles decline in sale volumes, prompting their brands acquisition from the “Norton Villers & Triumph Group”. Motorcycling technologies used by BSA in the 1970s were adopted to motorcycles under the Norton & Triumph branding, prompting a legendary company into an abrupt ending.

Ownership of the “Norton Villers & Triumph Group” is now sustained by Anand Mahindra, and Indian Billionaire. Acquisition of NVTG was sustained in 2016, when a prominent automotive & engineering manufacturer in Asia announced their purchase of BSA. The Mahindra Group has expanded brand-growth for BSA, Triumph, and Norton. Additional brands maintained by TMG include Jawa & Peugeot. The Mahindra Group has subsequently become the largest manufacturer of motorcycles worldwide. 

Facility Details

British civilians have reacted positively to this announcement, with Anand Mahindra confirming that BSA Motorcycles will relaunch in a new manufacturing facility in Birmingham. Core details were provided by the Mahindra Group, which included the revelation that manufacturing will begin in Spring 2021. Locals were informed that anywhere between 200 to 250 employment opportunities will be sustained at this facility, with the Mahindra Group maintain long-term plans for a second plant in Banbury.

Anticipated costs for vehicles built at the Birmingham facility range between £10,000.00 to £5,000.00. It should be clarified that BSA Motorcycles plans to sustain electric power-unit engines going forward. UK Parliament awarded the Mahindra Group a £4.6 Million Grant to start development of electric engines. Mahindra Group Representatives clarified that retaining the history of BSA motorcycles in the United Kingdom is drastically important for brand regrowth. Those sentiments aren’t incorrect.

Jawa Moto Sold Fifty Thousand Units in India During 2020

November 2020 had investors with Jawa Motorcycles thrilled at incredible growth. The “Classic Legends Lineup” had been exported from Czechoslovakia to India, Jawa Motorcycles primary market. Indian’s adopted Jawa into their mainstream vehicles since 1973, with popularity dwindling from 2000 to 2018. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted investors & executives with Jawa Motorcycles to anticipate lower sale volumes. Consideration of the financial fallout for standard Indian consumers wasn’t accounted into lowered quarterly expectations. Cars, SUVs, and Trucks have been sold at exponential rates to dealers across India.

Consumers have elected two-wheeled vehicles for cost savings measures during the pandemic. Subsequently, Jawa Motorcycles has sold 50+ thousand vehicles since November 2019. Sale volumes didn’t decline when the epidemic prompted international lockdowns, furloughed jobs, and fewer finances for the average consumers. Jawa Motorcycles also combatted numerous productions concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic & proved their brand still reputable since rebranding themselves in December 2018. 50+ thousand motorcycles sold is also their highest volume since the rebranding, which previous averages were sustaining 30+ thousand vehicles sold per year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Jawa Motorcycles – India Division, spoke on the unexpected increase in sale volumes. CEO Ashish Singh Joshi clarified that everyone employed at the Indian Division of Jawa is proud of achieving incredible sales in a short period. Most aren’t aware that the “Classic Legends Lineup” in Czechoslovakia became an entire brand for India. Jawa Motorcycles didn’t rebrand themselves with the same name, changing themselves over to “Classic Legends Motorcycles”. This rebranding proved favourable with overall sales & unparalleled growth compared to their previous namesake.

New Models, Continued Growth

CEO Ashish Singh Joshi believes that “Classic Legends Motorcycles” will continue to experience unparalleled growth from 2021 to 2022. Investors have been given new expectations for sale volumes with the upcoming fiscal year, with predictions suggestion 100+ motorcycles being sold to Indian consumers. New iterations of models seen throughout 2020 are releasing in-order to garner that additional growth. Consumers will be permitted to select between the 2021 CLM Perak, 2021 CLM Forty-Two, and 2021 CLM Jawa. Pre-orders for these vehicles are expected to become available between January & February for Indian consumers.

Marc Marquez Sidelined for Remainder of 2020 MotoGP Season

Repsol Honda & MotoGP confirmed that Marc Marquez wouldn’t make his formal return to racing on November 7th. It’d been speculated that the European Grand Prix would see Marquez return to his RC-213V, which would have meant Stefan Bradl being sidelined as the replacement driver. October 4th saw Repsol Honda confirm that Marquez won’t return, requiring additional time to heal injuries from earlier this season correctly. That period of healing isn’t known, with Repsol Honda not ruling out the possibility of Marc Marquez returning for Valencia or Portuguese Grand Prix.

Marc Marquez wasn’t given a chance to obtain the 7th championship in MotoGP during 2020. That’s because Marquez broke his right arm during the Jerez Grand Prix. The six-time champion would return during the Andalusian Grand Prix, only to suffer an additional injury after his initial operation wasn’t appropriately completed by healthcare personnel. It created further damage to Marquez’s right-arm, requiring a second operation. His healing time for the second operation was longer than expected, with Spanish media reporting in October that Marc Marquez needed a third operation. Repsol Honda would confirm that report false & now supporters have seen the six-time champion return to the MotoGP grid. His position, for now, is purely moral support for Repsol Honda.

Repsol Honda worked diligently towards refuting any claims that Marc Marquez wouldn’t return in 2020. It wouldn’t be until their replacement driver of Stefan Bradl informed Austrian media that he’d likely drive at the Valencia & Portuguese Grand Prix’s, that Repsol Honda was forced to confirm that Marquez is concentrating on healing beyond riding. Bradl would clarify that Repsol Honda notified him he’d be competing for the remainder of 2020s season. It’s expected that his premature announcement has evoked anger within the team, eliminating any opportunities of Stefan Bradl driving for Repsol Honda in future seasons.

Repsol Honda confirmed on October 4th that Stefan Bradly would compete at the European Grand Prix & first round of the Valencia Grand Prix. When questioned on Marquez’s confirmed return for the second round at Valencia & the Portuguese GP, Repsol Honda didn’t rule out the opportunity but wouldn’t make an official announcement. When accounting for the associated risk with driving for Marc Marquez in the final two races, it’s easy to understand why the six-time champion wouldn’t compete.

Polaris Q3 Profits Rise by 10%

Fiscal earnings for numerous companies have altered drastically during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Almost all corporations worldwide saw profits drop drastically when the epidemic became an international debacle. However, most would see margins enter positive percentages before Q3. One corporation that experiences this same fiscal year is Polaris, which confirmed that profit margins have begun increasing at slow percentages. This comes after Q2 2020 saw Polaris announce that sale volumes had dropped by 15%.

Polaris released their Q3 Report for investors on October 27th, which saw that margins had grown by 10% in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Nobody at Polaris has anticipated growth during the Pandemic. However, consumers requiring more involvement with the outdoors have selected their brand for new entertainment. It should be clarified that Polaris sells an influx of products under multiple brands. Products include motorcycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, boats, tents, clothing, and much more. Their available consumer brands comprise of:

  • Polaris Razor.
  • Polaris Ranger.
  • Polaris General.
  • Polaris Sportsman.
  • Polaris Snowmobiles
  • Polaris Timbersled
  • Polaris Ace.
  • Indian Motorcycles.
  • Victory Motorcycles.
  • Slingshot Motorcycles.

For our readers, they’re familiar with Indian Motorcycles & Victory Motorcycles. Reviewing the Q3 Report from Polaris shows that motorcycling products grew by 11% throughout 2020. Slingshot Motorcycles saw higher growth than Victory, with Indian Motorcycles having the most prominent growth. It should be noted that profits in the motorcycling category for the Q3 2020 Report account for the selling of Parts, Gear, Clothing, and Accessories.

The Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of Polaris Incorporated released a formal statement on the growth. CEO Scott Wine noted that thousands of employed personnel worked together to mitigate supplier disruptions, increase the quarterly profits, and sustain manufacturing during times when other manufacturing were closing shop.

CEO Scott Wine would reveal that the United States market saw a significant increase with Indian Motorcycles, reaching 40% growth compared to Q3 2020. Indian Motorcycles could become a competitive brand to Honda, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, and Ducati with their continued growth in America. This positive news has prompted Polaris Incorporated to inform investors that Q4 2020 will evoke higher profits & steady growth.

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