Black Bike Week 2011 Bikini Contest

Kryptonite Nightclub
9719 N Kings Hwy, North Myrtle Beach
Friday May 27th – Bikini Contest ($1000)
Saturday May 28th – Bikini Contest ($1000)
Sunday May 29th – Bikini Contest ($1000)

Ladies Free Before 11pm Every Night
1/2 Drinks Until Midnight for ladies in bikinis

More Info: 803.361.1086

Precious Metals MC’s 8th Annual Bikers Bash

8th Annual Bikers Bash
Saturday ~ May 28th, 2011 ~ 9:00pm

920 Lake Arrowhead Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC

Trophies for:
Most Rep Male Club (4 or more)
Most Rep Female Club (4 or more)
Most Rep Co-Ed Club (4 or more)
Furthest Distance Club (4 or more)

$10 Admission ~ All Presidents Free

Precious Metals MC’s Throttles & Models & Bottles Bike Party

Annual Throttles & Models & Bottles Bike Party
Friday ~ May 27th, 2011 ~ 9:00pm

920 Lake Arrowhead Rd
Myrtle Beach, SC

$10 Admission ~ All Presidents Free

Invictus Street Riderz MC Early Edition Party

Thursday May 26,2011

Invictus Street Riderz MC
“The Early Edition”
Brunch/Day Party
400 Hillside Dr.South
North Myrtle Beach

Black Bike Week 2011 Dates

he official date for Black Bike Week 2011 is: May 26 – May 31, 2011 in Myrtle Beach, SC. Since problems arose in years past, the event has been moved to Atlantic Beach. Some are even calling in Atlantic Beach Bike Festival. Either way its still Black Bike Week 2011.

Black Bike Week 2011 Hotels

What hotel should I stay at?
What area will all of the action be taking place?
What hotels have the best rates for Black Bike Week?

These are questions that we get emailed about the most. Since Black Bike Week has moved to Atlantic Beach, you should find a room in North Myrtle Beach. Any hotel on the strip will be fine. Remember most who attend bike week are riders, so location is based on the hotel’s accommodations.

What you should look for:

Bike Parking
Trailer Parking

Check-in/Check-out Times
Breakfast Included?
Deposit Required?
BBQ area?
Proximity to Stores


Supreme Court invalidates Myrtle Beach helmet law

Myrtle Beach enacted 15 controversial laws – including the helmet ordinance – in May 2009 in an effort to chase away bikers. Since the law went into effect, the rallies have declined substantially from their peak. This morning the SC Supreme Court website stated: “We find that the City Helmet Ordinance fails under implied field preemption due to the need for statewide uniformity and therefore issue a declaratory judgment invalidating the ordinance,” the Supreme Court’s opinion states. “Moreover, we hold that certain motorcycle ordinances were impliedly repealed by the ordinance repealing the administrative hearing system.”

To read the entire ruling CLICK HERE.

The helmet law is just one of many that angered many Bike Week participants, so how will this affect Black Bike Week 2011? Only time will tell…

Myrtle Beach says NO BLACK BIKE WEEK

As most of you know, Myrtle Beach has been on a campaign to distance themselves from biker rallies. In late 2008, the city counsel adopted new ordinances to restrict or otherwise eliminate the activities associated with Black Bike Week and Harley Week.

These ordinances are posted on their website located Here. The header clearly states “Effective 2009, Myrtle Beach, SC will no longer host motorcycle rallies.”

I’m no fool and that message is clear and to the point. Since this announcement I have read responses from fellow bikers such as:

“They can’t tell us we are not allowed there – I’m going anyway!”
“They trying to kill our fun, well I will be there.”
“Im going to NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, because they welcome us.”

My take on this is simple. I refuse to support this monetarily. Whats the difference between Myrtle & North Myrtle really? If someone / some business / some city counsel wants to make life difficult for you – Why would you support them in any fashion?

“Oh, Im going to spend my money in NORTH MYRTLE and other parts of Horry County.”

What statement are you making? That hurts them how?

As with any business ( including city governments ), the way to get your message heard is by hitting them in the pockets.

By spending money in NORTH MYRTLE you are STILL supporting their economy. The hotels, restaurants, taxis, airports, gift shops will all suffer without the cash infusion Black Bike & Harley Week brings IF you keep your money.

“…but thats what they want! They can’t tell me I’m not allowed there”

True, they can not, but why are we so accepting of other’s intolerance?

Spend your money wisely.

Vending Info For East Coast MotorCycle Show

For Vending contracts, electricity requests, hotel request and vendor badge forms – Click Here

** Deadline for Vendor info submissions is Friday, May 2 to be included on the vendor list for the Myrtle Beach mini mag.


East Coast Customs Motorcycle Show

May 23-25, 2008 – Myrtle Beach Convention Center – Myrtle Beach, SC

Jason Britton & Team No Limit will be performing Daily

SPEED TV Show “Superbikes!” will be filming

5 custom sportbike builders displaying their bikes.

Hundreds of Aftermarket Sportbike Companies.

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