MotoGP Combining with F1 in 2020

Shocking announcements were made to the motorsport’s community on March 31st. It was revealed that MotoGP and Formula One would combine individual rounds of their respective seasons when suitable. This follows after multiple races for both F1 and MotoGP have been terminated amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. All professional motorsport racing has been discontinued globally for the foreseeable future. Decisions to terminate these respective leagues were made to benefit Crews, Supports and Drivers. It’s suspected that motorsports won’t resume until July or August 2020.

This marks the 1st time in either Formula One’s or MotoGP’s history that they’ve combined their respective Grand Prix’s. This’ll create a level of anarchy for event organizers, who’ll have to deal with an influx of guests on race weekends. It’s not known how these shared weekends will be scheduled. However, it’s speculated that Formula One would receive the Saturday & Sunday scheduling timeframes. MotoGP would operate through Thursday & Friday.

Both motorsport organizations have a Gentlemen’s Agreement, which stated that neither MotoGP nor Formula One would maintain a venue on the same weekend. This ensured that fans wouldn’t have to choose between one or the other. Considering that both motorsports share a large percentage of the same clients, it’s not surprising that this Gentlemen’s Agreement has sustained itself for decades. That’s why sporting analysts were shocked by the announced that MotoGP and F1 would share race weekends. It means the end of one of the most prolonged standing Gentlemen’s Agreements in sporting history.


The Formula One Group and Dorna Association are collectively working together, going forward. They’re making sure to reschedule their respective venues that follow in the same locations. Silverstone could find itself for the 1st time in history experiencing a MotoGP Race and F1 Grand Prix throughout the same weekend. However, some believe these are false hopes on behalf of the F1 Group and Dorna Association.

COVID-19 could become a prolonged pandemic that sustains itself through the summer. It’s prompted the cancellation of the entire 2020 season for both motorsports. Organizers cannot genuinely begin to reschedule their respective Grand Prix’s until travel restrictions, and social distancing measures are lifted. WHO officials haven’t provided timeframes on when that’ll happen throughout Europe.

MotoGP Holding Virtual Race

Sporting associations have implemented new strategies to entertain their loyal supporters throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. This extends towards the MotoGP Series, which announced that they’re beginning a new virtual race on March 29th. This race will feature the most notable drivers on the MotoGP Grid, with these individuals using SIM Racing Motorcycles to compete on their official video game. This will remain active throughout the period that races are suspended with MotoGP.

There’ll be a Qualifying Round before the official race begins on Sunday. Drivers will be provided six laps at the Mugello Grand Prix to place their best lap time. It’s known that drivers like Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Fabio Quartararo, Maverick Vinales and Alex Rins will be racing in this virtual Grand Prix. There’ll be numerous ways supporters can watch this venue, including a series of online streaming services. Those include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MotoGP’s official website and their eSports website. A series of broadcasters will also support this virtual race. This mark one of the 1st publicly broadcasted motorcycle racing venues in weeks.

Broadcasters confirmed to be showcasing MotoGP’s Virtual Series included Canal+, DAZN Spain, Sky Italy, BT Sport – UK, Eurosport – Netherlands, DACHS – Spain, OTE – Greece, ViaSat – Sweden, and Swiss Television. Those are the available broadcasters throughout the European Union. There are other broadcasters globally that are showcasing this race. Those broadcasters comprise of ESPN – Latin America, SportTV – Portugal, MTV – Finland and NBC Sports – the United States.

MotoGP’s Entertaining Products Amidst Covid-19

Organizers behind the MotoGP confirmed that they’d be providing a one-month free trial for new members with their video content service. Announced during this confirmation was the introduction of new content dating back to 1992. Those not enjoying the video content service are provided the option to delete their payment information. However, the best races in MotoGP’s history are listed with this service. Supporters have recommended notable Grand Prix like Argentina in 2015, which saw Marquez and Rossi compete is a way that’s never been seen again. Additional recommendations for good Grand Prix’s include Assen 2014, Catalunya 2009 and Laguna Seca 2008.

Volusia County Motorcyclists Ignoring Coronavirus Measures

Multiple associations in America that protect the civil liberties of Motorcyclists have requested that riders respect the emergency measured implemented by the CDC. These measures include restricting public gatherings and significant events, with the maximum limit of people allowed in one location being ten. The American Motorcyclist Association encouraged that their respective members comply with local, state and federal authorities before holding any venue or riding session.

Group activities should be terminated going forward, with individual rides also not being recommended. The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, with the assistance of the Federal Government, have suggested that citizens enclose themselves within their residence for two weeks. The American Motorcyclist Association will be monitoring the situation and their organizers to ensure that emergency measures are followed. There are those in the community that haven’t been abiding by these conditions, while blatantly refusing to engage in sanitation efforts and dispute facts on Covid-19. These individuals are located in Volusia County.

Ignorant Behaviour Displayed in Volusia County

The Volusia County Region has a strong motorcyclist community, with these individuals often travelling to local beaches to engage in group events. It appears that the coronavirus pandemic in America hasn’t concerned or frightened these individuals. March 15th marked the date that these motorcyclists were interviewed on the Covid-19 situation. This followed after a woman in Volusia County contracted the coronavirus while travelling overseas. This 66-year-old is currently being isolated in her respective home.

Individuals that were interviewed didn’t provide genuine names to reporters. One man that referred to himself as “Doc” claimed that the pandemic isn’t something to be concerned about. Doc downplayed the fact that the coronavirus is killing individuals in their 60s or older. The remarks by this man shouldn’t be taken seriously, with these statements coming from somebody that drinks beer in public and wears a sleeveless black leather jacket with gator teeth. It should be noted that Doc believes the blood of the lamb protects him and that if he’s chosen to contract the coronavirus, Doc is dead.

When questioned on how he’s remaining sanitary during this period, Doc took two fingers from his left hand and stuck them in his mouth. He then made groaning sounds similar to those seen in zombie films. It should be mentioned that refusal to sanitize could be considered illegal in some states.

Sepang Grand Prix Cancelled Going Forward

MotoGP Supporters were saddened with the announcement that the Sepang Grand Prix won’t be moving forward. This follows after the first four races in the 2020 MotoGP Season have been terminated with the increasing presence of COVID-19. It prompted for Sepang GP Organizers to determine what the best course of action is moving forward, expressing that the Malaysian effect must be terminated following the increasing outbreak in their country.

Rumours suggested that Sepang GP Organizers were having discussions the MotoGP, with Malaysian Fans being requested how they’d feel about the pre-season testing location becoming an official circuit under the announced ban in Italy. Unfortunately, after considerable debates, the decision to retort this offer was publicly confirmed.

The Sepang International Circuit Association’s CEO spoke to reporters regarding this decision. He expressed that the continuously updated news regarding coronavirus in Malaysia forced them to postpone any potential Grand Prix. Subsequently, there aren’t any plans to host MotoGP racers for public safety and the personal protection of athletes. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization has requested that all international sporting events terminate their season. However, MotoGP Organizers have been reluctant to cancel the entire season. Hope remains that a cure will be found before the summer months.

The Chief Executive Officer finalized his statements with motorsport outlets by expressing that everyone takes the necessary advisements to ensure personal safety. He showed that all MotoGP supporters must remain strong and enforce sanitation efforts the limited spread of Covid-19. This CEO ended his remarks by mentioning that he hopes we can all watch our favourite sport shortly in the future.

Postponements & Cancellations for MotoGP

The announcement that Sepang wouldn’t host a Grand Prix to account for the postponements and cancellations in MotoGP wasn’t surprising. However, supporters were devastated to learn that the Qatar Season Opener had been terminated. This extended to postponements with the United States, Argentina and Thailand Grand Prix’s. Four rounds within the season have been cancelled or postponed, with that number slated to increase if spreading of the Covid-19 virus can’t be terminated. We’ll provide our readers with any additional closures surrounding the MotoGP or motorcycle industry as a whole. One thing’s for sure; motorcyclist enthusiasts will surely be disappointed with their minimal exposure to the sport this year.

Oakley Enters MotoGP Esports Partnership

The MotoGP eSports Championship has acquired a new partner for the 2020 season. It was announced that Oakley, the globally-known eyewear brand, will become one of the title sponsors for this eSports Series. It should be noted that this agreement through Oakley strengthens a prior partnership with Dorna Sports, the owners and operators behind the MotoGP. Oakley has become the leading supplier for helmet visors for the MotoGP, with them having the Italian Grand Prix dedicated to their advertising ventures.

The eSports Championship for MotoGP is entering their 4th season, with the Global Series becoming one of the most popular video game professional leagues. It’s not surprising that Oakley would want to grow their title sponsor, with upwards of two billion people worldwide watching eSports Competitions. This partnership enables for multiple eSports and Official MotoGP events to be presented by Oakley. This includes the Red Bull Ring, Milano and Valencia. This means that Oakley sponsors the final event for MotoGP in November.

The Global Marketing Director with Oakley Sunglasses, Ben Goss, spoke to motorsport reporters regarding this deal above. He expressed that MotoGP and Dorna Sports have done an astonishing job in making their eSports Competition one of the most popular for video game enthusiasts. These statements extended from the Managing Director for Dorna Sports. Pau Serra-Cantal mentioned that Oakley has multiple products that assist with gamers and that this partnership will become drastically important throughout the coming years.

Additional Sponsors

The MotoGP eSports Championship has slowly become more popular than its sister-motorsport of Formula One. It’s allowed for substantial sponsors on multiple levels, with their primary and title sponsor coming through Lenovo. This partnership with Lenovo provides for $558,000.00 to be earned throughout a two-year basis. That agreement is slated for re-approval in the coming months, with insiders confirming that Lenovo will re-partner with the MotoGP eSports Championship for 2020-22. It should be noted that this agreement enables for all venues under this championship to be hosted through Lenovo Laptops.

Overall the MotoGP eSports Championship maintains eight partnerships for sponsorship. The additional sponsors include Cashback World, Red Bull Energy Drinks, Michelin, Tissot and Sports Business. The average donation from these sponsors is $250,00000 yearly. All venues hosted through this championship are experienced through the MotoGP video game, with the 20th year slated to be released on April 23rd. It’ll coincide with the “MotoGP of the Americas” in Texas.

Marq Marquez Fails at MotoGP Testing

The 2020 MotoGP Testing Period has completed, with supporters now eagerly waiting for the season to begin on March 8th. Below we’ve provided details on the testing period, which includes who performed best on the individual level. One of the most shocking elements of this testing period was Marc Marquez, who’s come out at 7th faster driver. This is because the World Champion has had minimal time to recover from his injuries in November 2019, leading motorsport analysts to wonder if he’ll have the skillsets required to dominate over another season. The ligaments in his shoulder are permanently half-dislocated, with doctors recommending that he doesn’t race anymore.

Another factor that will alter Marc Marquez’s chances in the MotoGP 2020 season is the newly-formulated Michelin tyres. They will provide a reduction in lap-times by 0.4 of a second but will require the drivers to restructure themselves and how they approach the corners. It’s the first chance in three years to the MotoGP tyres, leading some analysts to be concerned that Marc Marquez could have another accident.

If this happened then, he’d be forced to retire for the remaining season, leaving Yamaha to rely on Vinales for their championship goals solely. The tread compounds with these tyres are drastically different, allowing for increasing front and rear grip with added assistance for traction. This will make the corners considerably more challenging for drivers, though, making it nearly impossible to overtake unless they’re on the straights.

When it applies to Vinales, he’s surprising been performing better than Marc Marques. Twenty-two laps ran during the three day testing period were below 1:55. His fastest lap stood at 1:53.858. Vinales claims his increased speed is the result of these new tyres, with Marquez claiming his delayed rate is coming from these same tyres. Considering both men are operating nearly identical motorcycles, Marquez seemingly is lying to avoid more concern regarding his injury.

Fabio Quartararo also performed admirably during the test period, acquiring the title of 4th fastest driver. This followed after he maintained the minimum of twenty laps and kept his motorcycle on cruise control. It indicates that Fabio Quartararo has plenty of more speed to offer to start on March 8th. The additional top riders for the testing sessions include Alex Rins, Joan Mir, Franco Morbidelli and Jack Miller. It’ll be interesting to see how the upcoming season unfolds with these several drivers.

MotoGP Sepang Testing Completes with Quartararo Dominating

The 2020 MotoGP Season will be premiering in a few short weeks. Before these various teams can begin competing for championship points, a series of testing rounds are being completed. The 1st was held in Sepang, where Fabio Quartararo dominated over his competition. Marking the 2nd season for this driver, he’s controlling a Factory Yamaha M1 with the Petronas Team. Using this motorcycle allowed Fabio to acquire the fastest lap time for three consecutive days in Sepang.

The Sepang Testing Series wasn’t like last season, which saw Yamaha Petronas-AMG perform considerably better lap times than all their opponents. Throughout the 2020 testing series, the competitiveness between each respective outfit grew exponentially. All twenty-four riders surpassed the two-minute record time, which indicates the superior performance of your motorcycle. When it applies to the top six outfits from the twelve teams included Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Aprilia and KTM.

The most significant improvements applied to the KTM and Aprilia teams, who have often seen themselves competing in the mid-grid. Following this testing series, there’s a chance that KTM and Aprilia could become two of the most influential outfits in MotoGP. It’d provide new levels of action and competition for Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki.

Additional Testing at Sepang

Fabio Quartararo could indicate fresh champion blood in the 2020 MotoGP Season. He dominated over Marc Marquez, who obtained the 13th fastest lap during his three-day testing in Sepang. This marks the worst testing placements that Marquez has achieved throughout his lengthy career. It should be noted that Marc has experienced substantial issues previously and remained in the top-grid placements. Motorsport analysts are concerned that the recent shoulder injury to Marc Marquez could see the champion lose a significant percentage of his talent.

Jorge Lorenzo, the former champion of the MotoGP Grid, was seen during the Sepang Testing Series. Even though this motorcyclist retired from professional racing last season, he’s remained with the Factory Yamaha Team as a test rider. Managers for this outfit allowed Lorenzo to perform on the 3rd day, which saw him break the two-minute record and receive the 7th highest lap time of the weekend.

Another notable aspect of the Sepang Testing Series was Johann Zarco, who has infamously remained in the Mid-Grid Placements. Changes could follow for this motorcyclist, with his newly formulated Ducati performing considerably better than last years model. Viewers for the 2020 MotoGP Season could see substantial alterations in the driver standings, with most motorsport analysts anticipating that Fabio Quartararo will dominate over the competition this year.

MotoGP 2020 Liveries

Enthusiasts of the MotoGP are clambering for any new updates regarding the upcoming season. They were pleasantly surprised with the two most notable teams in MotoGP revealed their upcoming liveries. This includes the Yamaha Petronas-AMG outfit and the Suzuki MGP unit. Following the standard release protocols for Yamaha, a special event was held for the newly revealed motorcycles. Held in Sepang, Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo unveiled their new operational vehicles. Lin Jarvis was also in attendance, with these three men being the dominate leaders behind Yamaha Petronas-AMG.

There weren’t many alterations to the physical design of their 2020 model, with the same black and teal colour scheme implemented. These are the defining colours behind the Petronas brand, with the same aerodynamic layout provided. Differences apply to the internals that operates this vehicle, with Petronas confirming an 11% increase in power from the 2019 MotoGP Season. It should be noted that Yamaha won the Independent Team Championship last year, with their title driver coming 5th in the standings.

One of the substantial changes for the Yamaha Petronas-AMG outfit is the addition of a new driver, with that being France’s Franco Quartararo. Marking his 2nd season in MotoGP, this man received priority placement with one of the top teams. It followed after he acquired several poles, showing a better performance than their newly retired, Valentino Rossi. It prompted executives, Lin Jarvis and Franco Morbidelli, to hire this recently cemented driver before another organization.

Franco Quartararo now has a two-year contract with the Factory Yamaha Outfit. It should be noted that Valentino Rossi could return to Yamaha before the seasons start, meaning the middle-aged racer would compete against fresh blood. It could potentially ruin his last season in MotoGP, prompting most sporting analysts to believe he’ll retire early.

Suzuki’s Livery

The secondary outfit that unveiled their livery for the 2020 MotoGP Season was the factory Suzuki team. Their colour scheme is entirely new entering the next championship series, with the livery representing the 60th birthday of Suzuki. The familiar logo colours from this brand have been implemented, including the Light Blue and Slate Silver. The livery is similar to the 50cc Suzuki in 1962, which one multiple championship that year.

Considering it’s the 1st championship that Suzuki’s motorcycle outfit had ever won, this livery is suitable for their 60th anniversary. This motorcycle was unveiled by Joan Mir and Alex Rins, with both maintaining notable campaigns last year. Alex Rins became the 4th best driver in the MotoGP standings throughout 2019. Suzuki hopes to repeat history or perform better with the upcoming season.

J&P Motorcycles Acquired by Revzilla

Comoto Holdings Incorporated, the parent company that operated the Revzilla brand, announced that they’d purchased J&P Cycles through aggressive acquisition. Comoto Holdings operates the Cycle Gear brand as well, allowing them to implement themselves into the global motorcycle market further. All three of their brands sell various products for global supporters of motorcycling. When Comoto Holdings Incorporated made this announcement, it was confirmed that employed executives and staff with J&P Cycles would remain with their current positions. Zach Parham, son of the founder and chief executive officer of J&P Cycles, will join the executive’s board with Comoto. This will allow all associated brand representatives with Comoto to be informed on subsequent dealings. Zach Parham took over his fathers’ company after his retirement.

Motorcyclists in the United States of America will know the J&P Motorcycles brand. It first opened in 1979 at Ormond Beach, Florida. This quickly extended their reach to the Midwest and have garnered popularity in the eastern states as well. When John Parham passed away three years ago, this motorcycling brand faced significant declines as Zach Parham spent time recovering from his father’s death. However, Zach recentred himself and increased the popularity of this brand. Receiving the assistance of Revzilla will allow J&P Motorcycles to become an international brand going forward. There still could come the day when Zach Parham completes his father’s dream of offering their own lineup of motorcycles to International consumers.

UK Forces Electric Motorcycles by 2035

J&P Motorcycles, Revzilla, Cycle Gear and Comoto Holdings Incorporated will struggle in the coming decades. It’s known that multiple governments in the European Union and North America are planning to remove all gasoline-powered vehicles by the absolute latest of 2050. The delayed response comes from Northern Americans, with Europeans acting considerably earlier. It’s known that Germany will ban all variations of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030, which is less than a decade away. When it applies to the United Kingdom, a faster timeline was announced by Boris Johnson this week. The UK will now ban all gasoline-powered motorcycles and cars by 2035, which includes classic models as well. Owners will be forced to sell off their vehicles or keep them in inoperable condition.

This decision follows before Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attends the COP26 Climate Summit. Held by the United Nations in Scotland, this event will have 100+ countries engage in climate solutions during November 2020. It should be noted that hybrid vehicles will be banned as well. The United Kingdom hopes that by 2050, all emissions will be terminated. Efforts like these could see climate change slowly reversed over a prolonged period.

Three MotoGP Legends Inducted in 2020

Supporters of motorsport racing have been urging MotoGP to induct Jorge Lorenzo into the legends list. After considerable online support for this introduction, MotoGP confirmed that three individuals would be inducted in the following weeks. This includes Jorge Lorenzo, Hugh Anderson and Max Biaggi. Most individuals were shocked to hear that Max Biaggi was receiving placement into the MotoGP Legends, which follows after this man has had more than a 30+ year career in professional motorcycle racing.

Max Biaggi

Max Biaggi won four consecutive championship titles with multiple teams, running under the 250cc Class of the 1990s. He won between 94 – 97 and also acquired thirteen race wins with the premier class, which has become terminated since those victories. Max Biaggi would leave MotoGP following the 2007 season, joining the World Superbike Circuit. He’d see additional success in this league, winning the Aprilia Title throughout 2010 and 2012. He’s the only Italian to win this championship historically. Since that championship, Max Biaggi has retired into the test driver position. He operates the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team in Moto3, which he plans to bring to MotoGP inevitably.

Hugh Anderson

When it applies to Hugh Anderson, he was a world champion twice. He’s now nearing his eighties when finally being introduced into the MotoGP Legends. Anderson won championship titles under the 50cc and 125cc classes. He’d eventually move upwards to the 500cc class and win the 1960s 300cc Championship title. These victories were acquired within a six-year professional career, which resulted in twenty-five race victories and four championship titles.

Anderson has been quoted with saying that at first, he thought this introduction into MotoGP Legends wasn’t deserved. However, Hugh Anderson put himself into a positive mindset and become grateful for this opportunity. It made him thrilled to know the modern world hadn’t forgotten the past championship victories of himself and his generation. Considering that today’s era of motorsport racing is drastically different than the 1960s, Hugh Anderson is entirely correct that this recognition is significant for past racers.

Jorge Lorenzo

The most noticeable driver for modern era supporters is Jorge Lorenzo, who was confirmed to enter MotoGP Legends after retiring from the sport last season. He’s considered one of the most successful racers in MotoGP history, being the only individual to defeat Marc Marquez throughout the previous decade. Lorenzo acquires two championship titles under the 250cc class, another title under the premier circuit and dozens of racing with two organizations. Those include Ducati and Yamaha. Unfortunately, Lorenzo couldn’t continue after experiencing significant head injuries last season.

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